Co powinien zawieraćWhat should a pool set contain? zestaw basenowy ?

Necessary elements that will guarantee clean water and joy of using:

  • swimming pool
  • filtration set with pump and skimmer,
  • devices ensuring circulation (skimmer, nozzles),
  • pool aramtura.

Elements that help maintain cleanliness:

  • pool vacuum cleaner
  • pool chemistry (pH regulator, multifunctional table, shock chlorine) with tester,
  • covering (solar, roller-blind, roofing)
  • pool chemistry set
  • swimming pool accessories: thermometer, telescopic pole, vacuum hose, net.

All the above-mentioned elements can be found in our basic offers.



How to prepare a place for the pool?

Information on how to prepare a place for a swimming pool can be found » here»

To what level should the pool be filled?

Filling the pool is completed when the water level reaches half of the skimmer opening, so that the water gets inside and fills it. This corresponds to a height of about 10-15 cm below the upper edge of the pool. Never leave the pool without water. Possible "overfilling" or too low level will result in the lack of collecting impurities from the water to the skimmer.

Does the given height of the pool refer to the wall or the level of the water table?

The height given in the technical data is the total height of the pool.

How often should we run the filter pump?

The filtration kit should filter the water at least twice a day. So, for example, if our pool has 24,000l of water, and the filter has a capacity of 12m3 / h, then the water should be filtered for about 4 hours a day. Often, customers set time switches for the night.

During the day, the pump must be turned off for safety reasons when bathing in the pool.

When should you rinse the pool filter?

The pool filter should be rinsed if the manometer pointer points to a yellow / red field. If the pointer is in the green field, no filter rinsing is required. When the filter is dirty, you can observe a weaker outflow of water from the pool nozzles.

Attention! It is not permissible for the manometer pointer to reach the red area.

How often do you have to exchange water in the pool?

The water exchange in a swimming pool depends on: its size, water quality, intensity of use and chemicals used by the user. When applying pool chemistry on a regular basis and in appropriate proportions, the water should be clean and clear by purifying water using a filter. In such circumstances, there is no need to exchange water during the summer season. After properly preparing the pool for winter, you can easily prepare the same water for the next bathing season.

How do you empty a pool of water?

The most popular way is submersible pumps. The pump outlet should be routed to the sewage system. It is possible to install a bottom outflow.

What is shock chlorination?

Chlorination is based on increasing the chlorine level to around 20 ppm in order to eliminate bacteria and algae. We use them in the case of heavy soiling, eg after a long period of not water treatment.

Do swimming pools require the use of pool chemicals?

Garden pools require the use of pool chemicals. Thanks to it, the water in our pool is kept clean for longer. Recommended measures can be found in the section  "Pool chemicals"