shark vac



nexpensive high-power cleaning device. A unique and well-thought-out design.

Thanks to QuickClean technology, the pool will be cleaned in less than 2 hours (depending on local conditions), saving time and energy.




Smarter: An adaptive, logical microprocessor (ASCL®) that controls and optimizes the cleaning algorithm for a specific pool size and shape.
Short cycle: designed with a more efficient cleaning program, it enables quick cleaning between standard cycles and simultaneous access to all areas of the pool.
Easier to use: no installation, no additional devices. Just put it in the pool and turn it on. Fully automatic.

Extended durability

Simple direct drive design with stainless bearings for high reliability.


For all types of bottoms and walls (flat bottom, gentle slope, diamond shape, many surfaces with different inclination).
For all types of surfaces: (vinyl, PVC protected, concrete mole track, fiberglass).
You can choose a short cycle and a full cycle.

Ease of use

Easy access to a patented filter cartridge with very easy access means easy maintenance for the end user. This easy-to-clean filter element is enough to rinse and clean with a garden hose.


  • A filter with very easy access allows quick removal of filtered particles and easy cleaning. Just take it out and rinse it with a garden hose.
  • Calculates the size of the pool and programs for itself the fastest and most energy-efficient cleaning path. It provides savings because it works independently of the pool filtration system, which protects against the loss of pool water temperature.
  • Cleans all home, concrete, vinyl or glass fiber pools up to 6 x 12 m.
  • Work cycle: 3 hours, Motor module: 24 V / 3.5 Amp, Capacity: 22 m³ / h,
  • Power cable 16 m (reinforced with Kevlar® material),
  • Moving parts: acetal / stainless steel,
  • Programmed ASCL function / adaptive search control.
  • An ergonomic stroller is included.