chemoform calzelos 



The algae reproduce very quickly and are able to cover the walls and bottom of the pool with a slippery green layer within a few hours. One should not allow their development and eliminate them from the pool water. Prophylactic use of appropriate measures will also reduce the consumption of disinfectant.



Highly concentrated liquid slightly foaming broadband preparation, algae, fungus and bactericide for small private and municipal pools with low water circulation.

  • in use concentration, un tasteless and unscented,
  • in the pool water supports commonly used chlorine products,
  • in use concentrations not causing health concerns, neutral pH.

Application: The first dosage: 100ml / 10m3 of water in the swimming pool, Replenishment: every 7-10 days about 50ml / 10m3 of pool water.

Calculate the diluted, diluted Alba at a ratio of 1:10, along the edge of the pool.

In open swimming pools at higher water temperature and appropriate atmospheric influences, increase the dosing.

Working filters and floating ensure mixing.



chemoform alba


A liquid high-quality, non-foaming broadband preparation of algae, fungus and bactericide, containing cationic polymers, used both in municipal, private, garden, children's pools, fountains or ponds with no stocked fish.

  • in use concentration does not adversely affect the operation of other water care products,
  • neutral pH, in tasteless and odorless pools,
  • resistant to temperature and ultraviolet light is also suitable for mineral waters and brines,
  • free of chlorine and heavy metals, biodegradable.



The first dosing: 100ml / 10m3 of pool water.

Supplementation: 50ml / 10m3 weekly.

Shock dose every 6 weeks 300-600ml / 10m3, pour directly into the pool.

Working filters and floating will cause rapid mixing.


 chemoform alba super



A phosphate-free agent for overwintering water in outdoor pools, prevents excessive deposition of atmospheric and organic pollutants on the walls of the pool, prevents corrosion, destroys joints and facilitates pool preparation for the season by saving time and chemicals.

  • works against the formation of algae, seaweed and resistant varieties during the winter break in operation
  • prevents the mineral salts from crystallizing
  • facilitates cleaning after the winter period
  • prevents overgrowth in the pool of joints, corners, edges.

Application: Set the pH value of the water to 7.0 - 7.4. Leave the water mirror about 20 cm below the level of the filler holes or pipe fittings!

The water level should be low enough so that in the case of heavy rainfall, the level will not rise to the level of these infusions.


 chemoform calzelos