8mm chamber polycarbonate

It is a light and stiff material with very good mechanical properties and high transparency. It is an excellent alternative to glass, thanks to its extraordinary impact strength (200 - 300 times more resistant to impacts) and protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. Available in a colorless and smoky version (brown).

Solid polycarbonate 4mm

This material permeable light, combining very good mechanical strength, lightness and thermal resistance. It has very high impact resistance 200 - 300 times higher than for standard glass. It is resistant to weather conditions and protected against the harmful effects of UV rays. Available in a colorless version (usually chosen) and brown (smoky).

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Kolor elox - srebrnyElox color - silver

A series of aluminum profiles intended for demanding applications. The basic cross-section is 56 x 51mm. The high-quality alloy ensures high stability and durability. Thanks to innovative geometry profiles are suitable for carrying high static loads in the roof construction.

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Rails made of aluminum alloy in silver elox finish. Guides are equipped with a protection against injury, streamlined with a height of 25mm. Full freedom is guaranteed thanks to a professional running system with 4 wheels for each segment, each of which is equipped with a double closed stainless bearing. The rail design takes into account the "WIND STOP" system preventing the module from being lifted by the blowing wind.

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Rails extended by 2.5m for the length of the roof to easily slide all modules behind the pool and freely use the sun when bathing on sunny days.

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Innovative sliding side door, made for the owners of swimming pools with stairs located in the central part of the pool. Thanks to the extension of the door beyond the half of the roof, we gain the possibility of free entry to the pool using stairs.

The door is equipped with a handle with a lock opened with a key, ensuring full security against uncontrolled opening of the door. The door can be installed on the right or left side in the largest module. At the client's request, it is possible to install the door in the front wall.

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Canopies are equipped with special module locks to prevent self-slipping of the rails. In addition, each module is equipped with two handles (one per side) to facilitate its movement. Special stops are mounted at the ends of the rails, which prevent the modules from leaving the driving range.

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